Festive October Destinations in the United States for Every Kind of Traveler

At a loss for what to be doing and seeing during most festive month of the year? Want to see some new places, but aren't sure where to start? Look no further, because here is the lowdown on all the most haunted, creepy, and more colorful destinations and activities to hit up this October. Just keep your eye out for any unfriendly ghosts! The United states is so full of magically creepy destinations to choose from! Whether you are into historic witch towns, vampires, or haunted cemeteries there

How To Spend The Perfect Day In The San Diego Sunshine

San Diego is perfect for anyone who loves a good walk, a good swim, or a good time. The numerous beaches, huge amounts of al fresco dining options, marine life, and parks all amount to making this city the best for sunshine lovers. While there are plenty of places to enjoy these things in a day, we have a few favorites in mind. So here it is- our ideal itinerary for a sunshine filled day in San Diego, from start to finish. No doubt you have seen plenty of photos featuring this aesthetic locat

Why Philadelphia is Beyond Underrated and How You Can See it in a Day

Philly is one of the most underrated cities in the United States. Being so close to popular cities like New York City, Boston, and Washington DC, Philadelphia seems to fall by the wayside too often. Full of brick architecture, art galleries, award winning museums, and (of course) history, Philadelphia is the perfect spot for just about anyone to explore. Not sure where to start? Read on! Philadelphia is the perfect city for walking, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes, and get to the city in

Spending a Weekend in Anacortes

There are many favorite spots in Anacortes as far as dinner goes. This town is full to the brim with talented chefs and creatives, so there is never a shortage of good food to go around. When it comes to your first dinner in A’town though, here are a few spots to consider. Rockfish Grill is a fantasitc option for those wanting to get a taste of local fare. From their flatbreads crammed full of kalamatas and the like, to their hummus platter, to their veggie bistro burger, their food is as gourm

An Artist’s Travel Guide to Chicago – Taylor Magazine

Chicago is cultivating quite the name for itself. Sports, pizza, pop culture…this city seems to be full of entertainment. There is a scene that has not been fully reconciled in the eyes of the public yet- the art scene. Windy City is stuffed to the brim with elements of an artist’s paradise. From famous architects’ homes to award winning art museums, artists of all kinds can find a sort of sanctuary in this bustling metropolis. How do you find those places? We got you covered. Oak Park rests

Olivia Kitt ’20 wins spirit award for enthusiasm in Lutheran College Washington Semester | Roanoke College

Olivia Kitt ’20 has been selected by fellow students, faculty and staff of the Lutheran College Washington Semester to receive the Dr. Nancy D. Joyner Spirit Award. This honor commemorates the enthusiasm of the first and longest-serving dean of the program, by awarding it to a student who embodies that same exuberance. Thanks to her warm personality, leadership and charisma, Kitt received more nominations for this award than any other student in the preceding four years. Dr. Douglas E. Clark,

Disneyland At Winter: A Guide

Winter is here, and it’s time to get excited for a new season. Beaches will empty, tourist towns will quiet down, and amusement park lines will shorten. This beckons the best time of year to hit up Disneyland. Whether you’re a Disney fanatic or a movie lover, Disneyland is the place to be. Here are the best spots for every type of vacationer: Okay, my fellow Instagrammers, we both know you’ve snapped a pic (or twenty) before you’ve even made it to Main Street. Well while you have that phone out

Big Apple: New York City In One Day

NYC is often viewed as Instagram posts of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and eating hot dogs. Staying on the beaten path will take you to tourist attractions, but getting to the real treasures of the city will involve a trip to unique spots. When exploring the Big Apple, remember a few key things: There will be lots of walking, tons of people, things may be expensive depending on where you are, and the weather can change pretty quickly. Wear layers (unless it’s summer, in which c

Top 10 Modern-Day Slavery Facts

While many may associate slavery with the past, the sad truth is that slavery is a bigger issue in today’s world. The numbers are greater than ever, and are only growing. There are a lot of myths surrounding modern-day slavery facts, and a huge amount of basic information that many civilians are not aware of. Knowledge is power, and in the effort to equip citizens with the tools to fight this growing threat, these are the top 10 modern-day slavery facts that people should be aware of. While s

15 Facts About Poverty in Africa That Everyone Should Know

Many people are aware that Africa suffers from widespread poverty, but many do not know what that poverty consists of or why it exists. Understanding the facts and seeing the statistics can result in change. Here are 15 facts about poverty in Africa. Knowing the facts about poverty in Africa can illustrate not only the work that needs to be done but also the progress that has been implemented. Africa is a struggling continent, and these facts about poverty in Africa point to a complex problem o

How Sharks Can Reduce Poverty

Sharks have become increasingly feared throughout the years. In 2017, more people were recorded being afraid of the animal than they were of death. Thanks to movies with ominous music preceding the creature’s appearance on screen, extensive media coverage of the few shark encounters, rather than the more extensive dog bites and lightning strikes, people are associating fear with sharks more and more. The marine animal is on more people’s minds now than gang violence, illegal immigration, or dr

How Wildlife Conservation Can Alleviate Poverty

SEATTLE — A fact little acknowledged in the human world, the prosperity of mankind is intertwined with the prosperity of wildlife and the animal kingdom. While overpopulation rates have skyrocketed in the past century, so have animal extinctions. Overpopulation is plaguing developing countries, and new problems are being faced in nature. The depletion of water supplies, deforestation, imbalance in ecosystems, natural disasters, lack of resources and animal extinctions all have dangerous and cos

What Can Be Done About Blood Diamonds Perpetuating Poverty

Blood diamonds, or “conflict diamonds,” have been a hot topic since the 1990s. After civil war broke out in central and western Africa, diamond profits were used to fund wars, weapons, slavery and anti-government rebellions. Children and families were forced into slavery to mine diamonds, and the gemstone funded extreme violence and war among communities, destroying stability and peace. To this day, blood diamonds are perpetuating poverty in areas around Africa especially. The Kimberley
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