An Intentional Autumn Guide To The San Juan Islands, A Gem Of The Pacific Northwest

Floating in the Salish Sea, the San Juan Islands are a remote and cherished gem in Washington State. Few know about them outside of the Pacific Northwest, but that makes them all the better. Most tourists who visit them come in the summertime, when the berries are ripe and so heavy that they fall off the vine. While this is a magical time of year to adventure up there, the local favorite season is the autumn. This is when everything slows down and the tourists empty out. Fall is ideal for soakin

How Making Your Own Skincare Is A Self-Actualizing, Holistic Experience

I used to buy a lot of skincare products. I love supporting small businesses, but skincare is one of those things for which I have a real soft spot. Before I went zero waste, The Body Shop was the only place in the mall where I couldn’t stop myself from spending money. There’s something about taking care of myself that really touches me, and skincare has always felt like a soothing and nourishing way to do that. As I’ve come along in my zero-waste journey, however, I started seeing just how wast

5 Dreamy Ways To Incorporate Witchcraft And Slow Living Into Your Autumn

Witchcraft doesn’t have to be entirely woo woo. It’s rooted in Paganism, which is also what a lot of our modern knowledge of the Earth is rooted in (as well as our “American” holidays, traditions, and cultural nuances). Yes, witchcraft can involve crystals, astrology, and other “unscientific” ideas, but most of it revolves around an important, and scientifically backed ideal of self-care— intention. Being intentional about your life is the bottom line of witchcraft. It can be really fun to inco

When the Sea Became Sky

The moon sits in the arms of the pines like a pearl tonight. Her glittering face bulges out from the swaths of sky, and a faint smile draws her cheeks up with hole-punched craters. She is full and beaming despite these scars, and her sister stars gallop around her in crashing waves of glassy crystals. It is a brisk and sharp first hour after midnight, and my fur glistens like the insides of oyster shells. There are plenty of them below on the rocky shores. Sometimes I like to leave the warmth o

I'm A Descendant Of An Accused During Salem Witch Trials. Why They Still Matter Today

The Salem Witch Trials are a dark spot in our history books. It’s a misunderstood moment of terror and violence that has almost been elevated to mythical status at this point. But the thing is, this isn’t a myth. This isn’t a fairytale or some scary movie that you can assure yourself didn’t actually happen. It happened, in this oceanside town in Massachusetts. From 1692 until 1693, young girls led by one Abigail Williams claimed they were possessed by the devil due to witchcraft. The girls point

How To Become A More Interesting Person

As long as I could remember, I’ve been fascinated by “interesting people” in books and movies. I fantasized about someday having books written about me, like hundreds of thousands of other people before me certainly have wished. I hoped someday I would be noteworthy enough. In high school, that all changed. When I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty for the first time, it made me cry, laugh, and look inward. It’s still the most influential film in my life, one that’s taught me more than just ab

Lavender Vegan Danish Pancakes (Aebleskiver)

1. Set aside the fresh fruit, zest, powdered sugar, extra jam, and the plant butter for the cooking technique. If you plan on also having maple syrup with it, set that aside as well. 2. Mix together all of the remaining ingredients, until fully combined. Make sure there are so lumps. 3. Set aside the batter, and heat a griddle or a pan on medium high. 4. Grease the griddle with some of the set aside cold plant butter, and add about 1/4 cup of batter for each pancake on the griddle. Cook them

On Impostor Syndrome: How I Achieved My Dreams By Just Going For It

Have you ever seen a job listing that you were really excited about, but ended up not applying for because you figured you weren’t qualified? How many auditions, interviews, and conversations have you skipped out on because you felt like you didn’t belong in those spaces or didn’t have enough experience? Chances are, it’s a lot. Chances are it’s even more if you’re a woman. Research from NatWest indicates that 60% of female entrepreneur hopefuls didn’t start their business due to imposter syndro

The Land That Crowns Them

In the Pacific Northwest lie mountains, glittering rivers, wilderness, blankets of pines, rocky coasts, and other lush trademarks that bring this region its green reputation. I grew up there, running wildly through the damp woods, perpetually having pine needles in my hair, and sporting magenta blackberry stains around my mouth. This place brought me a life of free-diving into cold oceans just to spot purple starfish and swims with local seals after school. My world was swirling with peaks paint

The Icelandic Lifestyle Is A Blueprint For Happiness. How To Embrace It Wherever You Are

I’ll never forget how struck I was with the Icelandic lifestyle. My partner and I spent almost a month there last summer backpacking, hiking, camping, and exploring every inch of the country (minus the tip of the West Fjords). Upon landing, it becomes immediately impossible to ignore that Iceland prioritizes well-being. The airport is filled with natural light, it’s clean, it’s made from Icelandic wood (a lot of it beautifully exposed), and the only “imperfections” were stickers on the ridiculou

Why I Left The Mormon Church And Why It's A Cult

If you know a Mormon, you probably have had one of three thoughts: “Their family is so big and they all look the same,” “Why are they so judgmental?”, or “Wow, they sure invite me to a lot of church events.” You might know about the Book of Mormon (the racist Mormon bible of the Americas that essentially erases the real history of Indigenous people, written by a white man in the 1800s). You might know what a Mormon temple looks like. You might even know that they don’t drink, but no one outside

How Breaking The Unspoken Instagram Rules Can Bring Wellness To Your Social Media

Instagram is notorious for coming with dozens of unspoken rules. Don’t follow too many accounts. Don’t post too often. Post lots of selfies and party photos. Make sure your captions are short or always a joke. Don’t post too many photos of your food. Don’t make your Instagram stories too long. Don’t make your bio too long. Use touch up apps or air brush on selfies. Don’t post about anything too serious, and don’t post too much (or at all) about politics. Post about your friends’ birthdays in you

8 Hacks For Becoming Multilingual On Your Own

I’ve spent most all of my life as a multilingual. I speak, read, and write English, Portuguese, and Spanish, but I can also fluently understand and read in French and Italian (and I’m currently working on learning Icelandic). This didn’t just happen overnight. It took lots of exposure, hard work, and most importantly, the desire to learn them. What a lot of people don’t understand is that learning other languages isn’t just about convenience. As a travel writer, yes, it makes my job a lot easier

6 Mood-Lifting, Eco-Friendly Ways To Make Your Home Your Haven

With schools transitioning to online learning, and many people working remotely, people’s homes are turning into not only a house, but an office, a classroom, and a safe place (hopefully). It’s essential to curb the COVID-19 curve, and the best way to do that is to stay home as much as possible (and wear a mask in public, wash your hands, etc). Seeing as this autumn is going to look a little different than it has in most years, it’s more important than ever to enjoy the space you’re living in, a

How I Went From Drinking Starbucks To Embracing Zero Waste And Slow Living

I spent years avoiding straws. It made me feel like I was contributing to a better world, and I honestly felt like I was saving the planet through this action. I will never forget the moment that it hit me that this was environmental cherry picking. I had just gone through the drive-thru at Starbucks, and as usual, asked for no straw. I got that warm, fuzzy feeling I always got when turning down future litter. I paid, was handed my pink drink, and pulled over. I started drinking my refreshing co

I Took 4 Years Off To Volunteer, Travel & Work Before College. Here's Why I Recommend It

I took four years off in between high school and college. Looking back, it was by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. College is so expensive, and while I had a desire to learn and hopefully attend higher education eventually, I was in no rush. I knew that through grade school, the best education I ever got was actually in my family’s travels and not in the classroom. We moved around constantly as a kid and teenager, so not only did that shape me into a very stir-crazy individual, but

I Celebrate Pagan Holidays, And Here's Why You Should Too

I have been honoring Pagan holidays for years. Even in my childhood, my family indirectly celebrated them. My dad is a huge history buff, so we would make merry for the equinoxes and solstices, and he would tell us stories about days like May Day (a.k.a. Beltane). My mom would make us seasonal treats, we were all often barefoot, and my parents taught us that the mountains and the forest can be our “church.” They were the ones who taught me about the spiritual value of the Earth, and we were alwa

Festive October Destinations in the United States for Every Kind of Traveler

At a loss for what to be doing and seeing during most festive month of the year? Want to see some new places, but aren't sure where to start? Look no further, because here is the lowdown on all the most haunted, creepy, and more colorful destinations and activities to hit up this October. Just keep your eye out for any unfriendly ghosts! The United states is so full of magically creepy destinations to choose from! Whether you are into historic witch towns, vampires, or haunted cemeteries there
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